Tick All Boxes with Frank's Removals Redhill Moving Checklist

Wondering where to start with your relocation? Feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that come along with it? At Frank's Removals Redhill, we've compiled a moving checklist just for you! With its help, you'll be able to focus on the things that matter to get the most out of your moving out experience. Is a certain cleaning task giving you trouble? Visit our home page to hire an extra pair of hands and benefit from a team of dedicated professionals! Alternatively, keep scrolling down to learn everything about our handy list.

Our Moving Checklist and How It Makes Things Easier

With our small removals Redhill checklist, you'll no longer feel like this task is beyond your ability. Just make sure to follow three simple steps:

  • Get the services you need: It's always a safe bet to include end of tenancy cleaning and rubbish removal to your list of potential cleaning options;
  • Secure your chattels: Ensure that your possessions are delivered to your new home safe and sound by using sturdy boxes, clear stretch wrap, and wardrobe cartons;
  • Tell everyone you're moving house: To avoid unexpected complications, it's a good idea to inform your bank, employer, and family about your forthcoming relocation.

And that's all there is to it! To keep your motivation flowing, make sure to reward yourself with something nice with each crossed out bullet from our list!

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't worry – as soon as you figure out when you'll move, everything will fall into place. You can then easily hire:

  • Packing: Preparing your items for a move out is nothing like wrapping presents. If you don't know where to put your books, glassware, and cutlery, our packing service will gladly do everything for you;
  • Rubbish removals: Leaving even a single piece of old furniture at your landlord's place is a recipe for disaster. Too heavy for you to handle? Our rubbish removals service will gladly take it to your nearest recycling centre, as well as deal with any leftover gardening & construction waste;
  • End of tenancy cleaning: Instead of spending days, our move out cleaning service can help you remove all grime, dirt, and dust in mere hours. Is your landlord not impressed? We'll go through everything again for free to get that sweet bond back!

A Few Final Steps to Consider

Now that you've chosen all the services you need and prepared your chattels for the long road ahead, it's time to let everyone know about your intentions. Cancel all ongoing subscriptions or forward them to your new address, inform your water & electricity companies of your relocation, bring your friends and family up to speed and invite them to help you out... Feeling like you've missed something? Go through your cleaning appointments again to check if they have all been confirmed. While you're at it, you can also include babysitting, pet sitting, and any other services that you think will come in handy.

We're almost done! There's just a couple of things left for you to do:

  • Collect and dispose of all perishable food – your landlord's new tenants will be more than grateful for that! A good way of handling unneeded clothes or extra canned food is to give them to charity;
  • Hire a professional moving van with tail lifts to ensure that your comfortable sofa or prized collection of plates won't be marred by a single scratch;
  • Arrange a fully insured end of tenancy cleaning service to remove all kinds of stains from even the remotest corners of your rented property.

Congratulations, you are now able to move out without any hassle!

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